An overheating engine is a frustrating, potentially damaging, and even dangerous happening. With this in mind, understanding what is causing your car to overheat is vital.

A failing water pump is a key reason why a car engine ends up overheating. If this is the underlying cause of your engine overheating issue, you must seek assistance promptly. On a related note, leakage or blockage in the cooling system represent two other common types of causes of an overheating engine. In addition, your car engine may be overheating because you do not have a proper coolant formulation. Specifically, the coolant might be too diluted.

You can obtain a diagnosis of your overheating engine problem in our service center at Baumann Chrysler Jeep Dodge Fremont. In addition to a diagnosis of the problem, a member of our team of professionals can assist in repairing or addressing the matter.

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