Why the Tire Pressure Monitoring Light Come On

Many vehicles on the road today are equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system. There is light on the console that will illuminate if this system detects a problem with the tire pressure. Direct systems work with a sensor in each tire to check the pressure, and indirect systems work by monitoring tire speed and rotation in relation to each other.

Air pressure in the tires may be lowered due to several reasons. In cold weather, tire pressure can drop triggering the light. In the warm months of summer, pressure may become too great triggering the light. Your vehicle may also have a slow leak that eventually causes the pressure to become low enough to trigger the warning light.

When you are driving in the local Fremont, OH area and notice the tire pressure warning light is on, stop by our service center at Baumann Chrysler Jeep Dodge Fremont for a tire pressure check and tire inspection. Tires can be inflated, repaired or replaced as needed.


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