Avoid Maintenance Issues with a Full Tank This Winter

There are a few pretty good reasons to keep your gas tank full. First off, you won't run out of gas. You'll also avoid problems like your gas lines freezing in the cold winter months. By keeping your gas topped up, you'll also help to keep your electric fuel pump motor from overheating since gas also doubles as a coolant.

By keeping your gas tank full, you will also prolong the life of your fuel pump since it will not be sucking in excess air and overheat. The gunk that accumulates in the bottom of the tank can also get sucked into the fuel filter causing problems.

Be sure to bring your vehicle to us here at Bauman Chrysler Jeep Dodge Fremont so that we can get it ready for the winter months. It is important to replace your fluids with fluids that are able to withstand the colder temperatures of the winter months. We can help you here at 2577 West State Street today!

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