Identifying Problems with Your Transfer Case

When you have a vehicle that has a four-wheel drive feature, your vehicle comes with a transfer case. The fluid inside the case helps lubricate the gears, keeping it possible for the transfer case to transmit power from the transmission out to your wheels.

If the transfer case isn't working properly, you are going to have trouble driving your vehicle in four-wheel drive. Problems with the transfer case will appear as if there are problems with your transmission. You may have trouble picking up speed, or your car will be difficult to engage in gear. Your transfer case should be maintained when you get a regular oil change, and even more frequently if you are towing heavy objects or driving in the terrible weather all of the time.

Whenever you have a problem with driving your car in four-wheel drive, visit our service center at Baumann Chrysler Jeep Dodge Fremont to have your car inspected.

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